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Under Construction

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The Historical Society’s website is undergoing some major renovations. While the work is going on, we will try to stay “live.” This means, of course, that there may be periodic glitches. We ask your patience during this time.

Thank you.

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Long-awaited Update

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything on these pages. We’ve been dealing with some issues for the last few months, which now seem to be nearing resolution. I am hoping that we can start to rev the Society back up, if enough people are still interested.

I would like to call a meeting for sometime in August or September to see how many people are not only interested in resuscitating the Society, but in actually working to sort through and catalogue our really pretty vast collection, to maybe raise some funds, and to try to come up with a way to get a facility where we can display what we have and maintain our office. Right now, most of our collection literally is stored in plastic tubs in a barn.

As for the biplane, it is still at the EAA facilities in Oshkosh. The EAA Fly-in this week has generated a few questions about the plane’s status and whether we intend to ever restore it. Of course, that has been one of big dreams from the get-go, but, again, we not only need funds and facilities, but bodies to do the work and research.

I hope to be sending out a broadcast email to all our former members to see when, and if, they would be able to meet again in August or September to discuss the future of the Society. In the meantime, if there is anyone out there who is not a member, or knows of someone who might be interested in joining or working with the Society, please let us know via the “Contact Us” page on this website. (I know that I am inviting a lot of spam, but I am willing to sift through it to accomplish our purpose.)

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In Memoriam: Neal Schowalter

On May 17, 2010, the Milwaukee Schools Historical Society lost Neal Schowalter, the driving force behind the Society’s creation. Continue reading

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